31 Dec. 2009

Happy Blue Moon

Whilst this isn’t a painting of a “real” blue moon, it is a moon and it is blue so I thought I would take this opportunity to share.
If your out and about celebrating the end of the decade tonight take care, weirdness abounds on the full moon.......

See you next year.

30 Dec. 2009

New hand beaten copper trinkets

I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things. I have cleared a path to the desk in my studio and I have created these little trinkets in the last couple of days.

22 Dec. 2009

Merry Christmas to all of the wonderful new friends I have made in bloggland and to all of my real life friends who pop by here to see what I am up to in my studio. I know I haven’t been around here much lately; I have been suffering a bit of creative burn out.

I am going to take a proper break over the silly season and I look forward to catching up with you all in the New Year. I am sure by then I will be itching to get back into the studio and will have lots of new treasures to share with you here.

Stay safe and enjoy your Christmas and New Years celebrations.

18 Dec. 2009

Twilight Moon Painting

As we returned from our walk this evening the moon was just a tiny sliver in the sky. No I didn’t rush to the studio to paint it, but it reminded me of this piece. I wish I had the time and energy for my art that I did back in 2002 when this was painted.

“Twilight Moon III"
oil on silver leaf, on canvas
20 x 30cm

17 Dec. 2009

I won a giveaway!!!

My first ever in bloggland. Bec form Little Brown Dog was feeling the Christmas spirit and giving away these lovely little gift tags upcycled out of fabric sample books. I threw my hat in the ring and was lucky enough to win. They are so cute; I wonder what pressies they will find there homes on???

16 Dec. 2009

Home from market

Ok it hasn’t taken me this long to get home from market and to recover from the big day!! But it is the silly season and I have been caught up with Christmas preparations and family gatherings.

My second market was a lot less work than the first and I am a lot happier with how my display looked. I arrived a little earlier and set up faster and felt a lot more settled when the crowds arrived. I even had a chance to check out a few other stalls before the day began. It was a hot day, but I managed to snag a spot near a lovely breeze which made the day a lot more pleasant.

Thanks to the Handmade Expo team for all of their hard work bringing handmade goodness to the area.

11 Dec. 2009

The Handmade Expo, only one more sleep.....

Thanks for all of your positive comments yesterday; I think I am on my way out of this slump. Only one more sleep until The Handmade Expo and the nerves and excitement are starting to kick in.
I have a bit of work left to do and all of the packing, so today will be a long busy one (tomorrow too). I think I shall go and put on some coffee and turn on some uplifting tunes.
Back with photos and a report on my stall when I have recovered (it took me a few days last time!).

10 Dec. 2009

My Creative Space this week is full of doubt…..

I’m having a very badly timed creative slump. My second ever market stall is this weekend at The Handmade Expo and I am feeling blah about all of my stock.

I’m really worried that the copper jewellery that I have been obsessed with the last month or so just isn’t up to scratch.

I don’t feel like making playdough, I don’t feel like doing any of the prep work that is required.

Then I keep remembering the posts of these inspirational ladies.
Miriam from Bubba Chenille is facing her 20th market stall this year.
Cathie from m.e. has 2 markets this weekend with mountains of baking required for each one.
Little Brown Dog's Bec just conquered 3 stalls in two days with a tiny baby in tow.
Then there is the unstoppable Cam of Curly Pops fame my head just swims when I read how busy she has been lately about a million market stalls and new retail stockist popping up everywhere.

If these special ladies can do it so can I, I just need to find the positive excited place I was in two days before my last stall (without all of the nerves!) and get my wares ready to put out there and hope for the best.

I have my fingers crossed I am out of this slump quick smart. Any tips on what you do to get out of funks like this would be greatly appreciated.

Check out what all of the other creative folk are up to this week over at the fabulous Kootoyoo.

8 Dec. 2009

It’s too darn hot

So I thought you might enjoy a virtual dip in the magical waters of Byron Bay. Enjoy.....

 “Byron” Oil on canvas, 1999, 915 x 610mm $200

7 Dec. 2009

Look what the post man delivered…

A freshly designed and hand printed tea towel by the very talented Nic from Yardage Design. I was thrilled when Nic left a comment on one of my button bracelet posts saying she wanted to purchase one. But rather than just a boring old cash transaction, I schemed up a little swap. You see I had loved Nic’s screen print designs since the first time I stumbled across her blog and this seemed a perfect opportunity for me to get my hands on one.

Nic’s etsy shop opened just last week, so pop over and check out her other designs. Perhaps you could start a little Christmas shopping while you are there.

3 Dec. 2009

Copper Coloured Creativity…..

My Creative Space is still all about copper jewellery – does that count as focusing on something?? I have been on this little kick for about 3 weeks now!

I have been to the library, searching for knowledge and inspiration.

My new favourite, “Autumn Peas” it’s my third pea pod, we won’t dwell on the second attempt and how my overzealous hammering smashed one of the beads! I’d love to keep this one, but it will be for sale. Do you think $25 is reasonable? I am really unsure about pricing for this stuff so I would really value some honest feedback on the prices I list.

“Love, Love, Love” $15?

“Buttons”, featuring two vintage metal buttons, $15?

This little “Hanging Bouquet is just a bit of whimsy. I am not sure if it is saleable as it is rather fragile.

I’m keeping this little “Create…” pendent just for me, to wear when I am busy creating. I have made a few others, Love, Peace, Be etc. Any ideas of other inspirations you may like to wear on a pendent?

And finally the work in progress, this bracelet is from a pattern in one of the library books. I have to design a new clasp for it as the pattern is too large for me.
Thanks so much to Mummy Cuggles and Toddler Cuggles for having Little Guy over for a play date yesterday and allowing me some time to indulge in my copper craze.
Check out some other Creative Spaces over at Kootoyoo.

1 Dec. 2009

A very bloggy party…

Yesterday was the long awaited bloggette party hosted by the lovely Miriam and her two gorgeous girls, Liesa and Micky. After a long drive into the country it was a fun and chilled out meet up with a great group of local bloggers. There was swimming, yummy food, lots of chatting and a handmade secret Santa. I was lucky enough to score a delicious smelling candle and a new Curly Pops brooch, in red, just perfect!
It was so nice to meet local bloggers and I am really looking forward to getting around and checking out some new blogs over the next few days. Thanks so much to Miriam for opening her lovely home to us and to Liesa and Mickey for helping organize it and pull it off.
Check out a few photos of the day over at Bubba Chenille, I did take a few pics but none worth sharing! Now it’s back to the studio for me – lots more hammering to do, I am really into this jewellery making kick.
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