11 Dec. 2009

The Handmade Expo, only one more sleep.....

Thanks for all of your positive comments yesterday; I think I am on my way out of this slump. Only one more sleep until The Handmade Expo and the nerves and excitement are starting to kick in.
I have a bit of work left to do and all of the packing, so today will be a long busy one (tomorrow too). I think I shall go and put on some coffee and turn on some uplifting tunes.
Back with photos and a report on my stall when I have recovered (it took me a few days last time!).


  1. can you save some playdough for me to buy next time I see you!

  2. You will do really well. Good luck and see there :)

  3. Good luck, I am sure it will be wonderful for you! suzie. xxx

  4. I glad to hear that the excitement is kicking in: It will be great! Enjoy the glow during the recovery period.

  5. it's going to be great...can't wait to hear all about it!!



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