18 Dec. 2009

Twilight Moon Painting

As we returned from our walk this evening the moon was just a tiny sliver in the sky. No I didn’t rush to the studio to paint it, but it reminded me of this piece. I wish I had the time and energy for my art that I did back in 2002 when this was painted.

“Twilight Moon III"
oil on silver leaf, on canvas
20 x 30cm


  1. Lovely Kylie.... you are so productive!

    On another note, I am so damn glad this had nothing to do with Twihard crap...! ;)

  2. That is one gorgeous painting. I know what you mean about having more time to create.

  3. I agree with Vic I was afraid I was going to see a vampire at the bottom of the painting. Beautiful work.

  4. It's beautiful. Your work is really fabulous. I'm with you on wishing I had more energy and time.


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