3 Dec. 2009

Copper Coloured Creativity…..

My Creative Space is still all about copper jewellery – does that count as focusing on something?? I have been on this little kick for about 3 weeks now!

I have been to the library, searching for knowledge and inspiration.

My new favourite, “Autumn Peas” it’s my third pea pod, we won’t dwell on the second attempt and how my overzealous hammering smashed one of the beads! I’d love to keep this one, but it will be for sale. Do you think $25 is reasonable? I am really unsure about pricing for this stuff so I would really value some honest feedback on the prices I list.

“Love, Love, Love” $15?

“Buttons”, featuring two vintage metal buttons, $15?

This little “Hanging Bouquet is just a bit of whimsy. I am not sure if it is saleable as it is rather fragile.

I’m keeping this little “Create…” pendent just for me, to wear when I am busy creating. I have made a few others, Love, Peace, Be etc. Any ideas of other inspirations you may like to wear on a pendent?

And finally the work in progress, this bracelet is from a pattern in one of the library books. I have to design a new clasp for it as the pattern is too large for me.
Thanks so much to Mummy Cuggles and Toddler Cuggles for having Little Guy over for a play date yesterday and allowing me some time to indulge in my copper craze.
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  1. Ok I absolutely love the pea pod..I have a friend who recently had triplets and that would be such a perfect gift! $25 is a good price I think..But I totally know where you are coming from. It's so hard to decide on prices...So I might not be much help lol...

  2. You've been really busy!!!! I'm bad with working out prices too. I look at etsy for similar things, look at the price... then I ignore it and continue to worry about prices = YEP I'm crazy

  3. Autumn peas is just beautiful - I love your designs!

  4. You go girl...Are you going to pop them in your Handmade Heaven space?

  5. I like the 'buttons' pendant... and if you want an idea for another word how about 'learn' and 'today' just a thought!! Happy I found your blog!!

    xo Steph

  6. Reasonable??? Yes, yes yes it is! If you can't sell those I will eat my own head! Love the pea pod, but they are just all so gorgeous! suzie. xxx

  7. the autumn peas piece is really beautiful, as is all of your work. i think those prices sound very reasonable

  8. finally figured out how to comment on your blog! LOVE the jewellery. prices sound good. sending you hugs.

  9. I love, love, love those little peas in the pod.

  10. your work is just beautiful! and i think your prices are really reasonable.

    great work mama!!

    and thank you so much for your very thoughtful words on my blog. i appreciate them greatly.


  11. Wow! Someone has been super productive. I really love the design of the bracelet. I'm sure you will find a way to finish it off perfectly! :)


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