16 Dec. 2009

Home from market

Ok it hasn’t taken me this long to get home from market and to recover from the big day!! But it is the silly season and I have been caught up with Christmas preparations and family gatherings.

My second market was a lot less work than the first and I am a lot happier with how my display looked. I arrived a little earlier and set up faster and felt a lot more settled when the crowds arrived. I even had a chance to check out a few other stalls before the day began. It was a hot day, but I managed to snag a spot near a lovely breeze which made the day a lot more pleasant.

Thanks to the Handmade Expo team for all of their hard work bringing handmade goodness to the area.


  1. You are welcome ! And your stall did look impressive too.

  2. It all looked wonderful! I t is the silly season, so true! suzie. xxx

  3. It looks lovely - the prices in frames is such a fantastic idea.

  4. I am so glad you had a good market. The pics look good. I tried to get to the market but my 3yo was in massive melt down mode. I thought it best to stay at home and not disrupt the market with her screaming and jumping up and down.

    Do you have any of your lovely copper jewelery in at handmade heaven? I want to buy one as a little surprise (ha ha) for myself to go under the Christmas tree.

  5. Yay...so glad that you had a good second market with us...may there be plenty more to come.



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