21 Jan 2010

So long, farewell……

This will be my last post here at created by Kylie. I have decided to make a fresh start over at Chasing Purple Dreams. Thanks for following along with me as I began my blogging journey; I have really appreciated all of the support and every one of the fantastic comments I have received here. I do hope you will drop by Chasing Purple Dreams and follow along with me as I enter this exciting new phase.

19 Jan 2010

Grand opening????

Sorry I have been neglecting this little space. I have been madly working on my Etsy preparations. I have put up my first few listings and I’m feeling very nervous about my overall presentation. Is the listing text too “wanky”? It seems from reading other listings that it sort of needs to be. Are the photos good enough?? Will anyone look???
The writing the listing process is slow for me so I shall just keep adding bits and pieces all the time. I have heard this is a good idea anyway to keep getting your name up on the just listed page. I read somewhere about an Aussie staying up until the middle of the night to post listings, because that’s when all of the Americans are shopping? Anyone tried this? Is it worth it? I haven’t been sleeping much lately anyway so I could probably pull it off!! Please pop by if you have a moment and tell me what you think.

On top of all the angst this is causing me I am not sure what to do with merging the two blogs. I don’t know if I shall just start fresh at Chasing Purple Dreams or should I move all of my archives over? I am leaning towards just staring fresh, but leaving the last post here directing over to Chasing Purple Dreams and having a link back to here from the new blog if anyone is interested to see how I started out on this blogging adventure. Any thoughts or tips?

14 Jan 2010

Taking a deep breath….

My head has been buzzing with all that I have going on lately. I am excited to be embarking on an Etsy adventure and I just can’t get enough of melting and belting copper into little trinkets in the studio. I am also holding plans in my head for a major studio declutter and revamp. All of this has left me struggling to fall asleep or waking soon after I fall asleep and unable to get back to sleep.

A couple of nights ago I decided to get proactive and head back to the Meditation Oasis website and see if a guided meditation would help. I haven’t visited the site for a couple of years (I put on a meditation during early labour and I hadn’t been able to go back!). I was thrilled to find they have added a host of new guided meditations to their free podcast list.

I chose the “Enhance Your Creativity” meditation (I know I probably should have chosen something that sounded more relaxing, but how could I resist that title??). It was just what I needed, as soon as I heard Mary’s voice I started breathing deeper and relaxing. I have been sleeping better the last couple of days and I love the new designs I have come up with lately, so perhaps it is helping on the creativity front too.

If you need a little break or some inspiration why not pop over and give it a go yourself? I am going to try the "Resting in The Source” podcast next.

13 Jan 2010

I’ve put up a header over at my new Chasing Purple Dreams blog, please pop over for a sneak peek and tell me what you think of it. I shall be moving over there permanently in the next few days (just as soon as I figure out how to do that!!!!).

The decision is final….

Chasing Purple Dreams is born. I am setting up an Etsy store and a Chasing Purple Dreams blog. I’ll move over to the new blog as soon as I get a banner etc sorted out. I am excited and a little overwhelmed by all that is on my “to do” list to get the store and new blog sorted at the moment, but in a good way. The first point on my “to do” list is “remember this won’t all happen overnight”!

Here are a few shots of the paintings that I delivered to Jet on the weekend, the photos of the paintings aren’t the best but it gives you a peek inside Tania’s lovely shop.

I’m happy to report that of this “work” hasn’t kept me out of the studio, I have been using more of Tania’s beautiful handmade lampwork beads and I have made my first piece in silver, also using her beads. See the little melted balls on the ends of the copper and silver? This is the technique I was so excited to master. I am in love with them and all of the design possibilities they will open up for me.
I’m going to head back into the studio now, if I cross my fingers I may get a bit more done before the Little Guy wakes up.

9 Jan 2010

I think I’ve found a name!

It’s available on Etsy and BlogSpot. I really like it, Curly Guy likes it, it makes me happy to think about it, it’s positive and easy to spell and hopefully catchy. Ready? Drumroll……….

"Chasing Purple Dreams"

What do you think?

I’m on a roll in the studio, I bought some silver that I am itching to make something out of, I mastered a technique I have wanted to be able to do for ages and I delivered some paintings to Jet this morning. So busy, busy, busy.   I shall be back with piccies, but I have a minute to sneak into the studio, so see you soon.

7 Jan 2010

More trinkets to share….

This “Black Beauty” trinket has some special handmade lampwork beads created by the very talented Tania from Jet beads. These little guys were orphans but I think they will keep each other company in this stylish asymmetrical pendant. I have two more of her little pink orphans in my stash waiting for inspiration to strike!

“Two Hearts” was only completed yesterday and I had to wear it out today. On it’s first outing I took an order for one and I had to rush home and make it straight away! It is now snuggled in it’s little organza bag awaiting delivery. I think I will make another to take to Handmade Heaven for my next restock.

“Triad” is another I couldn’t resist wearing and keeping for myself, it has also had lots of positive comments so I will make some similar pieces soon.

I really like these “Squares in Pink” as well, but so far I have resisted the urge to wear them out! So they are ready to head of to Handmade Heaven as soon as they reopen.

My “insperimentation” with the ammonia patina is continuing, I nearly pulled the plug on it today, but after a close inspection I have decided to let it go a little longer. I am just so keen to have the pendant ready to wear, but I shall have to be patient!
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