13 Nov. 2009

“Andy’s Chair”

After yesterdays post featuring a dreary photo of my messy studio, I thought I should offer up something a lot more cheerful and pleasant to look at today!

“Andy’s Chair” is another of the paintings I collected last week. The colour scheme was inspired by a trip to the Andy Warhol exhibition.  I don’t remember the name of the piece now or even what it was of; I just remember thinking what a fresh colour scheme; I’ll have to try something in those colours one day. Although I created it at the Art Day Out studio it is a lot freer and less planed out than most of the stuff I created there. I really like it and it and it has found a wall in my home rather than just being stacked away in the studio.
I hope this brightens your day a little and sends you off into the weekend in a cheery mood.


  1. love the colours and the freedom of movement you have in it.
    hope you have a fabulous weekend Kylie ♥

  2. I really like this one Kylie...I believe it is already on the wall somewhere?


  3. Your paintings are really fabulous. I'm really enjoying seeing all your different work.

  4. Oooh, nice!

    What's all this teasing about red walls & doors?! PICTURES WOMAN!!! ;) (& hell yeah I'm jealous...!)

  5. I'm really loving the energy in your painting. Plus the colors are awesome.


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