6 Nov. 2009

Look who’s just flown in from Curly Pops headquarters….

I think he’s going to like it here in sunny Queensland.  I’ve named him Alowishus, I’m not really sure why, it just came to me and it’s stuck already. He needed a distinctive name; he is one adorably quirky character.

Curly Pops has really out done her self this time. I love my flower brooch, but this little guy has stolen my heart already. It is going to be such a hard decision getting dressed now, something to off set my lovely flower or will Alowishus be making an outing today. Little Guy is also impressed, with lots of pointing and exclaiming preddy, preddy.

Keep your eyes opened over at Cam’s Curly Pops blog to see when some of Alowishus’s brothers and sisters fly into a market or Heavenly Handmade shop near you.


  1. OMG....he/she is totally adorable...Alowishus really suits you Kylie..Can't wait to see him/her in real life....or can't wait for them to grace the Handmade Heaven shelves.

  2. awwww, I love Alowishus! his gorgeous sister popped by our place & decided to stay :)
    they are great aren't they, my little one keeps saying "mum, I realllly, reallly like that"

    we ♥ curlypops

  3. It took him a long time to fly such a distance but I'm sure he'll be right at home up there. I think the humidity will suit him better too!

  4. What a name, it certainly is distinctive! lovely! suzie. x


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