11 Nov. 2009

The count down begins…..

Just 10 more days until my first ever market stall. I have had a productive morning preparing bits and pieces. As I have never done this before, I just don’t know what will be popular, how much stuff I should take, what prices are fair. So many unknowns, I shall just have to use this first time as a learning experience and if no one buys any of my goodies I shall have a batch of handmade Chrissy presents ready!!

I have been having so much fun making these little wire wrapped and button embellished magnets. I had planned to sell them as sets of three, but am now leaning towards singles.

The button bracelet idea has been revisited; I learnt some new skills and am so much happier with the finish. It’s so much nicer to wear and looks really professional. I am still not sure about selling them, I think I would have to sell them for $20 and I just don’t know if any one would be prepared to pay that much. What do you think?
Any tips or advice from the seasoned market sellers out there? I am really looking forward to it, but now that I know it’s only 10 days away I am starting to get nervous!


  1. Good luck! The first market is always the most nerve wrecking but I'm sure you will come out the winner!

    Can't wait to see photos!

    Also, I think $20 is fair, but I suppose that also depends on what else you have on your table? I try to stock a range of prices starting from $2 to $50, that way you can catch hold of a range of buyers too!

  2. Loving it all Kylie...I am very excited about everyting.
    I agreaa with "Little Waltz" you certainly do need to have a big price range of items available for peeps.

    See you soon

  3. The first one is a little daunting but heaps of fun. I've learned so many things since I started this year.
    A range of prices is the best - from $5 up is usually good.

  4. You ask all of the age old "first market " questions, dont worry after it's all over and you've had a hoot, you'll be a pro at it !

  5. Oh! How exciting AND nerve wracking! I can't even imagine creating enough "stuff" to stock a market stall, and I am in awe of all who even manage that...!

    I think your new bracelet is super cute - have less than no idea about pricing though - I have been toying with the idea of offering mine for sale but the first barrier is - how much are they worth?! No. Idea.

    Re your table cloth purchase for skirt making purposes - DO IT! It is sooooooooo much easier than you think it is, I promise! The hardest part really IS that first cut, just steel your nerves & do it!


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