9 Nov. 2009


I collected the last of my paintings that have been in storage at the Art Day Out studio today.

This is just some of them; I was surprised by how many were still there. So now my poor little studio is even more crowded.

Hopefully some of these paintings will soon find new homes; a few are already on hold for a client and others will be coming with me to the Handmade Expo.

If something catches your eye, leave me a comment. I have reduced the prices drastically to move them quickly; the new prices range from $80 to $350 +p&h.

 If you think someone you know would be interested, please feel free to send them over for a look.


  1. Gosh thats a lot of paintings, no wonder your studio will be overflowing! I love your paintings, they are wonderful! suzie. xx

  2. Oh those last 2 are my faves! (Ah! To be rich...!)

    I got my GORGEOUS parcel yesterday my sweet THANK YOU!!! I don't know what I loved the most! Did you make the paper for the cards yourself? It has such a marvellous texture! LOVE the buttons... you are so nice! :D

  3. OMG Kylie
    These are amazing.
    I cant wait to see them in real life


  4. WOW. As a regular at your house I knew you were talented... but even I didn't understand how incrediblly talented you are. I'm sure when they meet their new owners you'll feel ok parting with them.


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