24 Nov. 2009

The run down...

I am officially an experienced marketer now. It was such a big day it really exhausted me I didn’t even unpack the car until Sunday night!

I had a wonderful site in the shade with friendly neighbours and just across from the fudge lady (deadly, but oh so tasty!). I shared a space with Cuggles Creations; you can see her beautiful top quality hand made children’s wear on the front table. If you want a closer look pop over to Cuggles Creations.

So many people braved the baking heat to come out and support local crafts people and soak up the atmosphere. Thanks to Liesa, Micky and Miriam for hosting such a great market, you really should be very proud of what you have done for local handmadies and the community.

Things I learnt at my first market stall.…
• I need to allow more time to set up, I felt rushed and looking at the photos I could have improved the display (especially of the paintings) if I had more time to contemplate and fiddle
• The playdough needs to go up the front (thanks for the tip Liesa). After taking your advice it started selling.
• I must remember to take painkillers with me. My back had been playing up all week so I really shouldn’t have forgotten them. I also decided not to wear my sunnies in the morning – thinking I would look friendlier. I just gave myself a headache and probably spent the morning squinting and frowning at people in the glare!
• I have wonderful friends, thanks to all of the friendly faces who popped by and brightened my day. I really appreciate your support along with support and good wishes I received from my bloggy friends.

I have a few things to improve and restock before the next market, but next time won’t take nearly as much preparation and hopefully I won’t be as nervous.


  1. Sounds like it was a great experience - other than the back pain & headache. I guess the first market stall is always going to be a huge learning experience. Great that you took the plunge and conquered it & your nerves... now that you've jumped that hurdle you're on your way!
    Congratulations and best wishes for all your future markets.

  2. It sounds like you had a good day on the whole, and it was successful! So happy for you! I looked wonderful, I looked on your last post too! suzie. xxx

  3. Oh hurray!

    It sounds like you had a fun, interesting time, and you will be going back for more, sans nerves.

    I would be TERRIFIED if I were to attempt a market - not least because I spend more time procrastinating than anything else & would only have one bracelet & some string to offer... (on the upside, my stall wouldn't take very long to set up...)

  4. looks fantastic Kylie!
    it's always one of those things I find when you start off rushed...ie..late, then it seems to be like that for most of the day, you can't seem to get back ahead.
    everything looks great, hope you did well, it's a great experience and the people you meet are always FABULOUS!!
    goodluck for your future markets ♥

  5. You are so very kind, we are proud of our market and we now boast to be the biggest and best Ipswich has to offer! If you haven't been you should come on the 12th Dec. So glad you had a good day !

  6. Congratulations on such a successful first day. It'll get even easier and better next time!

  7. Congratulations , glad it all went so well .

  8. YAY...congrats on your first market experience...I am so very proud of you Kylie...It will be so much easier and probably less time consuming next time...SHOULD I BOOK YOU IN.

  9. Congratulations on putting yourself out there - not an easy thing to do.


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