7 Jan. 2010

More trinkets to share….

This “Black Beauty” trinket has some special handmade lampwork beads created by the very talented Tania from Jet beads. These little guys were orphans but I think they will keep each other company in this stylish asymmetrical pendant. I have two more of her little pink orphans in my stash waiting for inspiration to strike!

“Two Hearts” was only completed yesterday and I had to wear it out today. On it’s first outing I took an order for one and I had to rush home and make it straight away! It is now snuggled in it’s little organza bag awaiting delivery. I think I will make another to take to Handmade Heaven for my next restock.

“Triad” is another I couldn’t resist wearing and keeping for myself, it has also had lots of positive comments so I will make some similar pieces soon.

I really like these “Squares in Pink” as well, but so far I have resisted the urge to wear them out! So they are ready to head of to Handmade Heaven as soon as they reopen.

My “insperimentation” with the ammonia patina is continuing, I nearly pulled the plug on it today, but after a close inspection I have decided to let it go a little longer. I am just so keen to have the pendant ready to wear, but I shall have to be patient!

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