6 Jan. 2010

The gremlins have been removed from the system!

Sorry to anyone who went to comment on my last post and found themselves with out a soapbox to stand on. Somehow I had (or perhaps Little Guy helped me???) ticked a box that I didn’t know existed and not allowed comments.
I have learned a few things about blogger in the last couple of days; thanks go out to Ms Curly Pops for yesterday’s tuition and a great big thanks to Kelly for directing me to today’s glitch.
If you want to help out by adding your two cents worth to my name dilemma feel free to comment either here or on the original post. I’m still not sold on any of the names I have come up with, but I think I have a photo background colour scheme sorted.

1 comment:

  1. I went to comment and thought it was just me, I even came back to check my eyes. I jumped into my etsy name because I wanted to buy something. I think you need something thats easy to remember, I know there's lots of people out there with created by.... but I've never come across one in a forum for a chat room. You've started a brand here and at the markets, so I think you should stick with your name.


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