14 Jan. 2010

Taking a deep breath….

My head has been buzzing with all that I have going on lately. I am excited to be embarking on an Etsy adventure and I just can’t get enough of melting and belting copper into little trinkets in the studio. I am also holding plans in my head for a major studio declutter and revamp. All of this has left me struggling to fall asleep or waking soon after I fall asleep and unable to get back to sleep.

A couple of nights ago I decided to get proactive and head back to the Meditation Oasis website and see if a guided meditation would help. I haven’t visited the site for a couple of years (I put on a meditation during early labour and I hadn’t been able to go back!). I was thrilled to find they have added a host of new guided meditations to their free podcast list.

I chose the “Enhance Your Creativity” meditation (I know I probably should have chosen something that sounded more relaxing, but how could I resist that title??). It was just what I needed, as soon as I heard Mary’s voice I started breathing deeper and relaxing. I have been sleeping better the last couple of days and I love the new designs I have come up with lately, so perhaps it is helping on the creativity front too.

If you need a little break or some inspiration why not pop over and give it a go yourself? I am going to try the "Resting in The Source” podcast next.

1 comment:

  1. It is so funny that you say this, as I keep meaning to take up my meditation again, I feel I need some balance! suzie. xxx


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