13 Jan. 2010

The decision is final….

Chasing Purple Dreams is born. I am setting up an Etsy store and a Chasing Purple Dreams blog. I’ll move over to the new blog as soon as I get a banner etc sorted out. I am excited and a little overwhelmed by all that is on my “to do” list to get the store and new blog sorted at the moment, but in a good way. The first point on my “to do” list is “remember this won’t all happen overnight”!

Here are a few shots of the paintings that I delivered to Jet on the weekend, the photos of the paintings aren’t the best but it gives you a peek inside Tania’s lovely shop.

I’m happy to report that of this “work” hasn’t kept me out of the studio, I have been using more of Tania’s beautiful handmade lampwork beads and I have made my first piece in silver, also using her beads. See the little melted balls on the ends of the copper and silver? This is the technique I was so excited to master. I am in love with them and all of the design possibilities they will open up for me.
I’m going to head back into the studio now, if I cross my fingers I may get a bit more done before the Little Guy wakes up.

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