4 Jan. 2010

I’m ready to take the plunge, but I have a dilemma….

I’m going to dip my toe in the water over at Etsy and see what happens. I want to start moving some of the paintings that are filling up my house (especially the ones in the studio) and it would also be an outlet for my jewellery and what ever other creative endeavours my short attention span has me indulging in next.

The dilemma is I need a shop name, now the logical thought would be – go with createdbyKylie, the problem is I’m not really such a big fan of the name. I didn’t spend much time thinking about it, I was just too keen to get going with this blog. AND I did a search with in sellers on Etsy for names starting with createdby and there are 104 matches so it’s not the most unique idea!!

It seems a brain storming session is on the cards for me in the next few days, if you have any ideas you would like to throw in the hat, please feel free to leave me a comment. If I love your idea and use it I am sure I could find a little pressie to send your way.


  1. Mine is the nickname that my dad gave me when I was little. It just seemed logical to use it.

  2. yay, so very exciting for you, go for it.
    now a name, that's a hard one. is there something you feel in your gut, a name you love.
    what are you primarily going to sell? paintings & jewelery? is there a word that describes what you will sell?
    I am of no help, I wish you luck & if I think of anything, I'll be back.
    goodluck Kylie!!

  3. Hey Kylie, I know what you mean about names, I signed onto Etsy to buy, not realising that when I started selling that would be my shop name.
    I love brainstorming, but to come up with some name ideas for you, I need to know what sort of things you create, I know you make copper jewellery, but what else? Also, what is unique about what you make, and why do you create, how does it make you feel?
    IMHO you need a name that is as unique as you are, and truly reflects what your creations are all about; the right name will resonate with you. :-)

  4. good luck with a name, its a tricky one, i would like to have an etsy store this year too, hope you find a name you love :)


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