9 Jan. 2010

I think I’ve found a name!

It’s available on Etsy and BlogSpot. I really like it, Curly Guy likes it, it makes me happy to think about it, it’s positive and easy to spell and hopefully catchy. Ready? Drumroll……….

"Chasing Purple Dreams"

What do you think?

I’m on a roll in the studio, I bought some silver that I am itching to make something out of, I mastered a technique I have wanted to be able to do for ages and I delivered some paintings to Jet this morning. So busy, busy, busy.   I shall be back with piccies, but I have a minute to sneak into the studio, so see you soon.


  1. I like it... you've got yourself a winner!

  2. I want to see something made out of the silver by the time you come visit me next. Pressure is on now!! Was great to see you today - each time we meet I find we have more common interests! - Crazy art people we are!

  3. Love the name, I'm chasing purple dreams too! :-)

  4. I love it! Choosing a name that will represent you, define you and inspire others is such a hard one. Both our family business name and my crafty label had to be suggested by other people. But I do believe that when it is right you will know it and feel it.

  5. Yes, it is wonderful, I agree with the other ladies! suzie. xxx


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