19 Jan. 2010

Grand opening????

Sorry I have been neglecting this little space. I have been madly working on my Etsy preparations. I have put up my first few listings and I’m feeling very nervous about my overall presentation. Is the listing text too “wanky”? It seems from reading other listings that it sort of needs to be. Are the photos good enough?? Will anyone look???
The writing the listing process is slow for me so I shall just keep adding bits and pieces all the time. I have heard this is a good idea anyway to keep getting your name up on the just listed page. I read somewhere about an Aussie staying up until the middle of the night to post listings, because that’s when all of the Americans are shopping? Anyone tried this? Is it worth it? I haven’t been sleeping much lately anyway so I could probably pull it off!! Please pop by if you have a moment and tell me what you think.

On top of all the angst this is causing me I am not sure what to do with merging the two blogs. I don’t know if I shall just start fresh at Chasing Purple Dreams or should I move all of my archives over? I am leaning towards just staring fresh, but leaving the last post here directing over to Chasing Purple Dreams and having a link back to here from the new blog if anyone is interested to see how I started out on this blogging adventure. Any thoughts or tips?


  1. The new shop looks lovely... and the descriptions don't sound wanky at all!
    It might help to take another photo of each piece hanging on a blank wall above a chair (or something similar) just so buyers get an idea of the proportion?
    PS I'm a huge fan of textural art so I'm loving those pieces!

  2. This is so very exciting Kylie...I love what you have done. Are you going to put your "chasing purple dreams" blog on the description on your Etsy store rather than your "created by Kylie" blog? I would do one final post directing over to your new blog...Wishing you the best of LUCK with Etsy.


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