17 Sep. 2009

Creative fun with Little Guy

I haven’t been feeling too well the last couple of days so as a result I have been quiet here and in my studio. Little Guy and I have been having some really easy creative fun. Yesterday we painted the cement with a big brush and water. I had plans to draw on the wet cement with chalk, but he wasn’t really interested, so we just stuck to the painting. He did have a go at painting the grass with water and then the very patient dog. He had heaps of fun and it didn’t require too much energy on my part, or any mess, just what I needed yesterday.

I have just made a batch of glitter green, cinnamon scented playdough, it’s my first ever attempt and it was a success and so easy. I got the recipe from Montessori Journey as well as the idea to add the glitter and the cinnamon. When Little Guy woke from his nap I had it all set up, but he was a bit out of sorts and not very impressed.  I hope he gets into it more tomorrow and that I am feeling up to getting some more creating done tomorrow too.


  1. Fantastic! Water painting is so fun isn't it! Baby Cuggles water painted the front of our house on the weekend while Daddy Cuggles and I managed a whole conversation. Unheard of with a toddler. Thanks also for the link to playdough recipe, that is truly a modern supermum's way to do playdough. My Mum only ever made the unscented, unglittered kind... but I do remember having hours of fun. She also used to chisel shapes out of halved potatoes and we'd use them to stamp paint onto paper. Good memories. : )

  2. Hey Mummy Cuggles,
    You had a whole conversation? I am so jealous!! I will have to get the water painting out again on the weekend and see if miracles happen around here too. Potato stamping, I shall keep that up my sleeve for when I am feeling brave enough to get really messy.
    I hope you enjoy the playdough when you get around to it.

  3. I used to love water painting when I was little, I need to introduce this to our Miss Three, she would (probably/hopefully) love it!
    Your play dough looks (and must smell) amazing too.


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