20 Sep. 2009

A new dawn

I love the drawing I have chosen as my profile picture. It is a pastel on paper called “Sunrising”. It is unframed, which means I don’t get to look at it much, it is in my unframed drawing storage…..under my bed! It is safely stored and respectfully wrapped in archival glassine paper, but under my bed all the same.

It is enjoyable to see an image of it a lot more often now and to know that is often people’s first impression of me and my artwork. It was hard to choose a piece of art to represent me, as I work in so many different styles and media. But this one just felt right and a bit symbolic as this blog and other work I am embarking on at the moment feel as they are the dawn of a new creative period for me.

Sunrising is part of a collection of paintings and pastels that I have titled “Dusk till Dawn” as the name suggests they depict the time between twilight and sunrise with lots of paintings of the night sky and moon in between. I hope to one day exhibit the whole collection together, but first I will have to get over my inability to let some works go, that I mentioned here, as many of these pieces fall into the would like to keep forever category

How did you choose the artwork or photo you use as a profile picture? Do you change it often or stick with the same one?


  1. A new dawn is like a special spiritual piece to me.
    Just like all the way up in heaven.
    I really enjoy the sensational feeling created here. Dawn, soft misty white cloud and ocean blue sky. Such a relaxed theme.
    Instantly, I feel more relax and less burden in midst of business.

    I admire artist that use pastel for creations but I don't find many around.
    May be due to the art community that I am joining....

    As for profile picture, I think it's good to have a few that best represent us. We are creating with passion. I believe that our works are improving day by day. So naturally we need to upgrade our blog's content, layout as well as profile picture.

    Congrats on choosing the above picture as your profile picture.
    It reflects serenity, clarity and neatness in your work.
    Keep it up:)

  2. Oh I really love it! Gosh, I really need to rethink my profile picture and get something a bit more suitable I think! Suzie. xx


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