23 Sep. 2009

Water, water

Yesterday was such a fun filled, busy day.   Little Guys cousin spent the day with us and he loved it. We visited a beautiful park in the morning; it was so nice having a little helper, I got to take a lot more photos than I would have if it was just Little Guy and I.  His cousin loved keeping him occupied while I was being snap happy.

Little guy was captivated by this waterfall at the park, he just kept looking over the edge saying water, water, he was fascinated and would have stayed for hours. I suppose it nothing to be surprised about his Mum is rather fascinated by waterfalls too. The painting below is one of my largest works, it is called “Cascades” and it hangs in Little Guys toy room. It takes up most of the wall, so I guess it has had an impact on him.

We finished off our day by making chocolate chip cookies and drawing, what a perfect day.

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  1. That painting is amazing! How talented you are! suzie. x


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