19 Sep. 2009

Desert Dawn

I miss this painting. Do you ever miss your creations that you have sent of into the universe?

It was a piece I always knew was for sale and that it wouldn’t stay in my life. It’s funny I divide my work up into categories and there are some that I hope will always be with me, some that I may be able to let go of one day, but only if they go somewhere I know I can visit with them. Then there are paintings like these that are destined for sale. This painting was created for sale, but I was looking through some photos of my work tonight and felt a longing for it just the same.

It was such fun to do, painted with real abandon and it worked out better than I had expected. I know I can’t keep them all, I admire artist who live by a credo of getting rid of the old to make way for the new. A lot of my paintings are of special places we visit and therefore bring back memories of good times and adventures; mostly it is these paintings that I feel a need to keep.

Do you categorize your work into selling/not selling? How do you deal with the longing to keep it all, especially the good pieces? I’d love to hear your thoughts and tips on how you deal with these feelings.


  1. Well done. I really enjoy visiting your blog.
    So much to see here. I would plan to sell my paintings. My students' parent bought some from me, it's a great start.
    It's very hard to let go the old one, but the old one don't go, the new one wouldn't come.
    Just like we are in the world just for temporary only.
    So, even though I treasure my creations but reckon my creations can cheer up more people.
    Why not spread the joy!
    I will be back visiting your blog.
    I love your blog!

  2. I love this abstract piece.
    The light texture yellow wash grain are so inviting.
    Adding touch, mood and details to this piece.

  3. Thanks for stopping by and for the lovely comments Yoon See, I hope to see you around here again. I shall be popping over to your blog to have a look around.

  4. Hello, I have just found your blog, its lovely. Oh yes, I do miss my creations too! I just sen one of my stitcheries off, and I felt so sad! I feel the same whenever on of my drawings go as well. Pop by and visit sometime, I would love to see you visit!
    Suzie. x

  5. Thank you for dropping by Kylie.
    I will visit you when I am free.

  6. Hi Suzie,
    I have just had a look around over at itchtostitch. No wonder you were sad to see that stitchery go, the princess and the pea is such a lovely story and you illustrated it so well with your work. I love all of the different patterns on the sheets and the princess is so sweet.
    Thanks again for dropping by, hope to see you around here again.


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