26 Sep. 2009

Tweet, tweet

Not a twitter style tweet! Just tweeting about these sweet little birds. They are totally out of character for me, but very cute.  I was doodling about a few weeks ago and included these little birds that were inspired by some vintage fabric I saw out in blog land (I can’t remember where sorry). I thought I might laminate them so they will be strong enough to be book marks.

Then this week when I came home with a big stash of my half price art materials, from my favorite supplier who is going out of art materials :(.

I doodled more of these little birds on a scrap of paper with my new white ink.

I then decided that I needed to do more in a more finished version on a little canvas I picked up a couple of weeks ago. I like the doodles better than this canvas, but it has been heaps of fun playing around with something so different from my normal style.

It’s all nearly as sweet as the delicious fudge I am eating right now that we picked up this morning from the Handmade Expo, YUM. Little guy got a handmade wooden hobby horse too, I shall have to share some photos when I take them it is adorable and he loves it.

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