11 Sep. 2009

Drawing, music and thrifting treasure......

I have had such a great morning. The Little Guy created this lovely green drawing, which reminds me a bit of an oil painting I painted a couple of years ago. It is titled Optimism and it hangs in my bedroom. I will never be able to part with it is is one of my favorites.

Then we went of to music for some singing and dancing fun and a catch up with mates. One of my favorite thrift shops is right near music so we had to go and see if we could pick up a bargain.
We really scored today, some days are just like that thrifting! today Little Guy scored a wooden train for $10 a couple of the blocks are missing from the wagon (we have about a million blocks so I am sure he will find a replacement) and one of the links that joins the engine to a carriage will need a minor repair, but other than that it is perfect and I am thrilled.
I didn't miss out either, I found another jar of vintage buttons and a stack of little brown note books that I will upcycle along with the buttons into some funky little note/sketch books. I also picked up some vintage pillow slips and doilies, I plan to upcycle these into little artworks.
I completed my first little upcycled painting last night using a doilie and vintage buttons and I am so happy with it, it is very sweet, I shall share a photo soon. Off to get creative now while the little guy sleeps.

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  1. Little Guy is showing early signs of your talent already! I love that colour green in your optimism painting. Maybe you could patent it like the Yves Klein Blue...!


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