7 Oct. 2009

Can any one guess where I went shopping today?

It was my favorite little shop Handmade Heaven; I dropped in to give Liesa a sneak preview of some of the goodies I will deliver later this week. As I approached the door I was drawn straight to the new Curly Pops display (I didn’t even say hello first, sorry Liesa!). It was so hard choosing which one to take home with me, this beauty won and I love it.

Of course I had to choose one that went with the dress I was wearing so I could wear it today! I think I shall have to add to my collection soon, it was hard leaving some of the others behind. Little Guy loves it too, he just keeps touching it gently and saying preddy, preddy, that’s pretty for all of you who don’t speak 20 month old.

Thanks so much Curly Pops for making such little treasures, I am so glad your creations are now available at Handmade Heaven.


  1. kylie, don't you know that curlypops's suit everything. you'll definitely be back for more.

  2. Oh, this is soooo great.
    I have one myself...OF COURSE and it is purple..
    I too will be adding to my collection as the weeks go on...
    Thanks for the visit Kylie. I am excited about your new creations that will grace Handmade Heaven in the very near future.


  3. It matches perfectly with the floral print on your lovely dress. Thanks so much for being the very first CurlyPops customer at Handmade Heaven. You made my day, week, month!


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