19 Oct. 2009

Camping Adventures

We are home, all unpacked and cleaned up. As predicted many photos were taken and here are a few that I’d like to share…..

Sunsets and Sunrises. Little Guy made sure we didn’t sleep through the sunrises.  Or much of the rest of the night – but I didn’t get my camera out for that!

Lots of Aussie wildlife, all drawn to the water's edge.

We delighted watching Rainbow Lorikeets dance and sing outside a tree hollow in our campsite, we assumed they were proud parents. When the Galah’s returned they made sure we knew whose nest it was and that trespassing by lorikeets would not be tolerated!

A canoeing adventure, which had a dramatic ending attended by an international rescue team.

Ok it wasn’t that dramatic, they tipped the canoe, but they were a long way out and had our 5 year old camping companion with them. They were rescued by a bloke from Canada and a bloke from Scotland who just happened to be in the right place at the right time. Thank you International Rescue for bringing Curly Guy back to me safely.

Now I just have to wait for inspiration to strike and lead me to the piece of our trip that needs to become a work of art.

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  1. Wow, great shots. Hope Little Guy is sleeping through the night again now you're home.


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