25 Oct. 2009

Slowly but surely….

My modest little wash cloth is growing; I think I am about half way there. I have seen some beautiful wash cloths in the last couple of days whilst blogging, check this one out made by another very clever Kylie! And this one is super adorable too. The ones at Handmade Heaven that Liesa’s Grandma knitted are just so lovely, I have seen these in the flesh and touched them, so much more appealing than a yucky chux. They make my humble little cloth look very utilitarian! I do have plans to crotchet a blue edge around it and embroider a little flower or something in one corner, but it still won’t be a patch on these beauties.

Never the less, I am still feeling very chuffed with it and can’t wait to see what it is like to use. Everyone seems to be raving about knitted wash cloths and if they are as good as the reports suggest this will be the first of many.


  1. That's a beautiful shade of green and your finishing plans will make this cloth wonderfully special, too. I, too, love to make washclothes . . . I find it a good respite from larger or more difficult projects -- it provides the quick fix my short-attention span often needs. Good work!

  2. What a beautiful colour! Love it.


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