2 Oct. 2009


Ok I just had a quick poke around at Badskirt, she has a Blogtoberfest ideas hub. As I was a tad late signing up I am going to post work on Knocktober first and hope I get to Rocktober later in the day.

You have probably guessed my name is Kylie! My passions include painting, drawing, sculpting and taking photos. I don’t think I am all that good at taking photos, but I love doing it, so a lot of them are ending up here on my very new blog.

I am Little Guy’s Mumma; he is an inquisitive, adorable almost 20 month old. I can’t believe how big he is already, where has my baby gone?

I started this blog a few weeks ago to keep me focused on spending time on my creative passions and I am loving blogging and discovering new inspiring blogs everyday.

I am just admitting I may be addicted to buttons, I am feeling ok about admitting it in this forum as there seems to be a lot of other button addicts in bloggland! Today’s photo is of my newest favourite buttons, I found them in a jar of op shop buttons and they are just so precious. Each one has a different picture and can you believe my luck there are nine – my lucky number, bliss!!

Can’t wait to get about and meet some the other festival goers!

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  1. Those are lovely! I'll have to show you some of my favorites soon. You've inspired me!


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