3 Oct. 2009


Badskirts suggested theme for the third day of Blogtoberfest of Clocktober or clocks seems well timed for me. I suddenly feel overwhelmed by lack of time. Well to be honest there is never enough time, especially with a very, active inquisitive Little Guy in tow. Right now I am feeling the tick tock of the clock because there just isn’t enough time to follow all that is happening in Blogtoberfest. I love Punky & Me's post about this very topic and think I am really going to have to accept that, just like a music festival I can’t see it all.

Speaking of music NOFX last night was fantastic, feeling the bass reverberate through my chest, moving through and with a crowd of thousands, I didn’t realise just how much I had missed this feeling until I was in the thick of it again.

I must rush off and check out some more Blogtoberfest posts and try very hard to pace myself. I couldn’t think of a painting, sculpture or photo that went with today’s post so I have used this little abstract titled “Calm” to remind me to calm down and take it all in!  I also had to include a photo of the painting below it sits so nicely with “Calm”, it’s title is “Healing”, I love the colour and mood in these pieces.


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment, which I really do appreciate as I know you are so busy. Time just whizzs past! OOOh I know what you mean about the bass, I love that! Suzie. x

  2. I'm pacing myself with all of the Blogtoberfest peeps too - and now I've found you. Funny, I was posting about how much I have to do and how little time I have too - probably something to do with my blog reading habits.

    Lovely picture on your next post, the polaroid and vintage treatment look fab x


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