5 Oct. 2009

Ok, it’s time to clean up the studio!

This is just not practical or workable anymore and it is certainly not inspiring.  I long for one of those pristine super organized studios that I see in My Creative Space posts. Unfortunately I can’t work like that either.   I need just a little bit of chaos or I get all blocked and just stand in the middle of the room not knowing what to do. So right now I need to clean until I find my happy medium, where I can be creative and productive. Then I can set to work on messing it all up again!


  1. I know, what you mean, and even when you get it almost like you want it, it takes about 1 second with me to make it all messy again! Suzie. xx

  2. Good on you Kylie, there's nothing quite like a good decluttering exercise for fresh inspiration. I had a mini clean up on the weekend and even used my wiles to get hubby to make me a cotton reel holder. Anyway, happy cleaning and creating!


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