9 Oct. 2009

Special Delivery!

Little Guy are off to music for some singing and dancing fun. Then I’ll make a delivery of cinnamon scented, glitter playdough to my favorite little shop Handmade Heaven, of course. I have more goodies to deliver there shortly but Liesa was keen to have this ASAP, so it will be in store this morning.

Check back here later in the day, I am going to have my first ever give away, what great day this is shaping up to be already! It must be because I am wearing my new Curly Pops brooch again.


  1. This is so awesome...Thanks for doing something different for Handmade Heaven...I am sure you will be baking more for sure.


  2. Squeal! Can't wait to pick up my order.

  3. I can vouch for this , I bought some for no 2 grandson and it smell edible......divine !!

  4. The little grandson of Bubba Chenille has now received his Glitter Playdough and is looking forward to using it... mmmm smells delicious.



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