2 Oct. 2009


What perfect timing that Roctober is today, the long awaited for October 2nd is here and I am off to see my favorite band tonight. NOFX are playing and we shall be getting the old crew together donning the Doc Martins and heading for the Riverstage, to pretend we are still kids for the night! NOFX are my favorite punk band and a must see every time they tour.

Don’t despair if punk is not your thing my taste in music is so varied, I am sure most people would find something in my eclectic collection to enjoy. The common thread that binds my collection together is music made with passion and talent. Some other favorites are The Waifs, The Dresden Dolls, John Butler, Grinspoon, The Eels, The Cat Empire, The White Stripes, Ten Foot Pole and my mates band Mum’s Tennis Friends.

I could go on and on, but I fear the list would never end. I can’t wait for tonight, I love live music and I don’t get to indulge as much as I would like these days.  Are any of your favorites on my list?

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  1. Fab Docs ;-) After Cherry Reds, purple are my next fave! Thanks for dropping by my blog - I've enjoyed nosing around yours. Happy Blogtober!


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