16 Oct. 2009

Kimberley Sunrise

We are heading off camping for a few days so this is my first experiment with auto posting. I plan to leave you with paintings from previous camping trips for the next few days. This one’s from Wilson Creek in The Kimberley, we were up before dawn and in the boat on a barra fishing adventure. It’s a morning I will never forget with 8 meter tidal shifts, soaring orange cliff faces, hundreds of photos and great company including Jess the wonder dog, our friends tiny little terrier who accompanied us everywhere despite being pregnant! It has to be one of the most beautiful places on earth and I can’t wait to go back.


  1. Have fun camping! I just went last weekend and loved it.

  2. Your auto post works!! That painting is beautiful, I love sunrise, best time of the day! (Except when you've been sewing til midnight and little miss 18months invites herself into your bed at 3am!). Hope you return from camping with more inspiration like this. Gorgeous.

  3. Absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. You are so talented! Suzie. xxx


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