15 Oct. 2009

Camping Tomorrow!!!

Hooray, the time has finally arrived; we are leaving for camping tomorrow morning. Little Guy has only been camping once and that was before he was walking, so it was pretty easy to keep him contained.

I am a little bit scared of just how much chasing him away from the waters edge I will be doing this time but I am sure he will love it.

I am really looking forward to watching the campfire, cooking in the camp oven and on the spit, slowing down and taking in all that nature has to offer and the photos of course there will be many, many photo opportunities!

I've set up my first auto posts to keep you company while I am gone.  So stop by over the next few days to see if they work.


  1. Ooh camping! Don't forget to pack ingredients for damper (recipe on my post from last Friday). Enjoy the time away, looking forward to the auto posts and seeing your pics when you get back.

  2. I love camping. Have a lovely time! Suzie. xx

  3. Hello Kylie! Thanks for leaving your lovely comment on my blog just now! No, we sadly don't get owls in it. Not yet anyway! I called it the Owl tree, because just before we moved here, I had a dream that there were about 6 owls sat in the tree looking at me! Hope your cold goes quick! Suzie. xxx

  4. ohhh, how exciting! have enough fun for all of us ♥

  5. by the way, LOVE your landalandalee story! soo sweet & true, they do seem to grow up in a blink of an eye. look out for new adventures though, they are just around the corner ♥


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