18 Oct. 2009

Tumble Seeds

Day 3 of auto post camping photos while we are away camping. Alright, we might be back by the time this posts but I will be soaking in a hot bath ignoring the piles of laundry and all unessential unpacking!

This pastel is from a Fraser Island trip. It is on velour paper which is like very fine nap velvet. It is so different to work on than normal pastel paper, challenging but in a good way. Normally pastels (especially the incredibly smooth Schmincke pastels that I am addicted to) glide over the paper and blend really easily with the stoke of a finger, but on the velour they grab more which was great for the finer detail line work but not as enjoyable when blending the background areas.

All going well I will have some nice photos to share tomorrow of our most recent camping trip and you can see just how long it takes me to turn any of them into artworks (hopefully not too long now that I have an audience!).


  1. I love your dreamy pastel, it's very beachy and reminds me of a special place I've been to in Queensland. I've never been to Fraser Island but hope to go there one day xo

  2. Love it, it is inviting, I want to go right into it! I have an award on my blog if you would like it! Suzie. xxx


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