6 Oct. 2009

It’s Tuesday and I can’t wait….. to share what I did this morning with you.

Check out this little flock. Aren’t they adorable? They are just ready to fledge, I think a few of them will go and roost at Handmade Heaven when I drop in there tomorrow.

The studio clean up last night went really well and it has led to a very productive morning.

I recycled some paper (with a kit that I picked up at the op shop for $5.50 – what a score!).

Then I designed and carved this little owl stamp. I even had time to stamp the cards that I made with the recycled paper! I haven’t had such a productive morning in years and I am on a high. Thanks so much to Mummy Cuggles and Baby Cuggles who had a playdate with Little Guy so that I could have a few hours creative time.

I can’t think of a name for this little owl, I’d love to hear your ideas. Please help me name him; he’s just too cute to go with out a moniker.

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  1. i have always wanted to make paper, this is now on my to-do list. please tell me how you made it! i think your little owl is more a she than a he, must be those gorgous eyelashes. thanks for the follow x

  2. Oh I thought 'he' - harold, wesley, earl, not sure where these names are coming from but love your little owl and love a babysitting friend!

  3. And create you did!! I can vouch for the quality of your first batch - feels lovely and thick. How about Holly Hoot?

  4. Gosh, that really is productive - now I feel all 'slothly'. You've totally put me to shame! Especially since your creations are so cute x

  5. Oh you are so talented, carving that owl, and I love owls! Your work room looks great too. You busy bee! Suzie. xx

  6. what a gorgeous owl! great carving. i don't know why but i thought of Holly for some reason aswell. love your creative space ♥


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