21 Oct. 2009

What a lucky Little Guy

How lucky is Little Guy? He is now the proud owner of a Cuggles Creations apron, custom made just for him, with an Elephant on the pocket.  Perfect for all of our “cook, cook” adventures.

He shall have to wear it for our second attempt at these biscuits, unfortunately our dodgy oven over cooked them (of course it was the oven and not my skill in the kitchen!!!). I have been the lucky recipient of a batch of Mummy Cuggles Golden Cinnamon Biscuits and can vouch for just how yummy they are when cooked properly. I hope I get the second batch right.

If some little person you know would look adorable in a Cuggles apron you can buy them from Handmade Heaven, if you can’t get into the store Liesa will happily do a phone order for you.


  1. He is adorable Kylie and you're too kind. Thanks for the mention of my aprons. When you're making your bickies don't be afraid to go by your nose and take them out early if needs be. They will still be pretty soft when ready to come out but will become hard when they cool. Our oven is clunky too (with no numbers on the temperature dial!) so there have certainly been plenty of trials teeth breaking errors in our kitchen. Now that Little Guy has his apron I'm sure he won't mind giving you some guidance. : )


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