4 Oct. 2009

A perfect Sunday morning

Thanks for the flowers Little Guy and Curly Guy.
We indulged in German Pancakes for a late breakfast, a bit of a nod to Blogtoberfest!  The recipe came from Salt and Chocolate, thanks Mary Beth, it was so yummy and so easy, it will be added to our special breakfast repertoire.
What’s your perfect Sunday morning?


  1. My perfect Sunday morning would entail coffee made by my husband with some sort of bakery; watching the Sunday morning news shows with my husband while my two kids play, sweetly, without arguing. Ahhh . . .

  2. Someone making brekkie for me! Doesn't happen very often!!!

  3. perfect Sunday is spending time as a family and ofcourse enjoying a HOT cup of tea in the morning (without having to reheat it a few times ;))love the flowers ♥


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