8 Oct. 2009

I wish I lived in Wonderland......

Little Guy and I spent the morning in Wonderland.  

It was exciting and inspiring and just a little overwhelming – but in a good way.

We will have to visit again before it finishes, it was so much fun.

 Little Guy just kept running around exclaiming wow! I’m pretty sure that means it was a hit.

What is your favorite piece of “I Wish I Lived in Wonderland”? I think mine is the pink lampshade as a skirt on the pink legs, but the pink apple is a close runner up or maybe it’s the Humpty Dumpty way up high.


  1. I like the pink skirt too, but that head in a cage would really freak me out in real life :)

  2. Great shots Kylie. My fav part is a toss up - either the headless dolls out front... ok they were just weird, or all the 'wow's and squeals of delight as the littlies ran excitedly from one display to the next. Oh and the theraputic craft time for Mummies where we all made masterpieces from straws and paper and glitter. Or was that meant to be for the kids? What a great morning. : )

  3. what an amazing place! I adore a spot that indulges the surreal and imaginative...I wish there were more places dedicated to whimsy...I want to go! :)


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